Fallowfield Pharmasave
1B-3500 Fallowfield Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K2J 4A7
P: 613.823.3500
F: 613.823.4040
Store Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Sunday & Holidays: CLOSED


Lollipops, Gummies & Troches

Lollipops, gummies & troches are flavoured dosage forms that are meant to be slowly dissolved in the mouth or chewed in the case of gummies.  Lollipops are made with a sugar-free sorbitol base & is a favourite of kids of all ages.  It can be useful for delivering medications meant to act directly in the mouth or throat (i.e. local anesthetics for mouth & throat pain).  They have also been used to deliver anti-nauseant medications when swallowing is not possible & suppositories are not desirable.

Gummies are flavoured, gelatin based chewables & any number of medications can be put in them.  They can be good options for children who are resistant to taking any medication or anything that looks or tastes like a medication.

A troche (pronounced trOh-key) is a small medicated lozenge designed to dissolve.  It can be a hard lozenge (i.e. cough drop) or a soft gelatin (i.e. a gummy) meant to dissolve slowly in the mouth.  Troches have unlimited uses in individuals who have difficulty swallowing.  Bio-Identical Hormones & some other medications can also be given in troche form because they can be absorbed through the lining of the cheek.

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