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Transdermal Creams

Transdermal creams are used to deliver the drug through the skin & into the underlying tissue, joint or bloodstream.  The original transdermal product was PLO gel (Pluronic Lecithin Organogel).  PLO gel tends to have a tacky feel & separates upon refrigeration.  Lipoderm® cream is a transdermal base with a smooth consistency & is stable at room temperature & under refrigeration.  It has been proven to deliver more drug transdermally than PLO gel1.  Multiple drugs can be delivered transdermally by Lipoderm® at the same time2.  Lipoderm® has been used to transdermally deliver medications for pain, nausea & for veterinary use.  When used for pain, multiple drugs can be combined to target the different causes of pain2.  Lipoderm® is very effective at delivering drugs to cats through the skin in the inner ear3.  Compounding pharmacists work with your doctor to find the best solution to your individual circumstances.

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  1. PCCA Lipoderm® demonstrates a superior ability to deliver ketoprofen transdermally versus PLO.

2. .

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