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Creams, Gels & Ointments

Creams, gels & ointments are semi-solid bases that have a wide variety of uses. One or more medications can be added to these bases. Creams are moisturizing bases without being too drying or greasy. Gels tend to me more drying while ointments are oil-soluble bases which are greasy like petrolatum (i.e. Vaseline®). All three forms are most commonly used in dermatology to deliver drug to the surface of the skin.

Transdermal creams have the ability to deliver drugs through the skin. Transdermals can be used in delivering pain medications, bio-identical hormones, anti-nauseants & other drugs into the body. Creams & ointments can also be prepared for vaginal & rectal administration of medications. An ointment mill helps the compounding pharmacist blend the powdered or gritty drug into a smooth cream.

We have access to proprietary bases, like PracaSil™-Plus & Versabase, to enhance to delivery of medications & to improve the feel of the final product.  Check out the results achieved by PracaSil™-Plus for burns & scars.

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