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Capsules are a common dosage form for commercial products.  Compounding pharmacists are also able to fill capsules with medications in powder or oil form.  Common reasons for compounding medications in capsule form involve allergy/intolerance of specific fillers, commercial product has been discontinued or a combination of ingredients is not available commercially.

Patients may choose to have their medication dispensed in capsules to avoid specific dyes, fillers or other excipients that may cause the side effects or allergy.  Compounding pharmacists can dispense medications that have been discontinued by the manufacturer because the product was no longer profitable for them to make.  As long as the medication is available to the pharmacist in powder form, they can produce it in capsule form.  In some instances, the doctor may want a combination of ingredients which is not available commercially so the compounding pharmacist can combine them in one capsule.  Capsules can also be made in gradual release formats which release the medication into the body over a longer period than immediate-release capsules.

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